Custom app development without breaking the bank.

We use no code and low code tools to start, grow or scale your business and get you the best ROI. 👇

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Build Faster Without Code

We are a full-service NoCode Web Design Agency. Unlike traditional agencies, we build using Adalo for mobile apps and Bubble io for web apps, so you and your team can easily scale without coding or technical experience

Our Process is simple

Success means we built the right product for the right user. Our unique no-code design approach helps us get there.


We listen to your user’s needs as we gain a thorough understanding of the industry and key stakeholders that determine the success of your project



We design a user-centred solution around this understanding in an interface that is as intuitive as it is good-looking.



We build your product at a fraction of the time of traditional suppliers using low- and no-code tools that ensures performance and scala.


We have answered almost all your questions

Do not hesitate to reach out with specific questions about your project. We’re happy to help! 🤗

 Most of our apps projects are built with Adalo and web apps with bubble io but we augment with various third-party integrations. From offline capabilities to payment integration.

We build most of our mobile apps with Adalo. Adalo allows startup founders to scale their products as well as allow us to build in record time.

Yes, we build majority of our web application with bubble io. it’s scalable and fast to build with. 

Our team are experts in design, development and third party integrations. We also spend a lot of time creating a very complete Scope of Work document for each project. It outlines exactly what will be built. Upon delivery, we will go through a series of tests internally and with the client to make sure all functionality agreed is implemented as discussed. After delivery, we offer 30 days of full-service bug support.

 We have always been big advocates of data privacy and security in nocode apps. We build according to Adalo & Bubble io security best practices.

 Yes and no. In most cases, we will suggest a full rebuild of the app. This sounds like a lot of work, especially if there’s already is a product. Often, a rebuild is faster and more cost-effective than working in an existing app

We manage communications very well. We use notion for project management and use slack for team communication.

 Yes. Everything is outlined in the Scope of Work that we agree on. It always has a fixed price and budget. In case of changing features/designs, or altering scope of work, we will have to add this as additional scope items which will increase the price.

 Yes. You will need to pay for the Adalo plan. We will often recommend a plan for you. You could also have to pay for services like email, push and SMS notifications, payment processors like Stripe and PayPal and any other service your application needs. Costs for hosting and storage are part of the platform plan most times except, you are using an external database.

 Most likely yes. In most cases, you can build almost any type of MVP with Adalo. we could advise you not to use Adalo if you are building something very complex

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