Landing page Design course

Landing Page Design with Unicorn Platform

Want to launch your product/startup online fast? Learn how to do so in this course. 

Join paul okoduwa, the Ceo of nocode45, as he shows you how to use a simple drag and drop tool called unicorn platform to build your startup landing page even if you don’t have any coding skills.

Lessons in this course

What the unicorn platform offers

Amongst other benefits, unicorn provides you with:

Is this class for me

Of course, this class is for you. You’re very welcome to take this class. You don’t any skills to take this course. You only need to watch the video and practice as you get ahead in the course. 

This is for!

What we will explore

Together in this course, we will build a fully functional landing page for a real estate startup. Setup up the hero section, features, footer section and much more. Trust me, when I say you will love it. 

What if I have questions

Leave your questions in the community section. You will get answers from us and fellow students

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