We're all about customer centric products

We are an award-winning no-code design and development agency, obsessed with building better software. We push boundaries, set standards and love big challenges.

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What is important to us!

We believe in a world where everyone can build the future they imagine


We aren’t prescriptive problem-solvers. Everything we do is undergirded by sound strategy.


We have a true maker spirit and encourage play, exploration and tinkering. This is how we innovate


We keep our promises and always treat clients as we’d wish to be treated. And we ask our clients to do the same.


We are solo-entrepreneurs who have launched several products of our own. We understand how to build MVPs that scale


We believe in collective mind and responsibility. Meaning we are always here to help founders we work with so they make progress. 


As a remote-first company, we work when and whereever we want. We take ownership and responsibility of the projects we’re a part of.

The Nocode45 approach

In a world eaten by software, the majority of custom-built solutions are overpriced, late and underdeliver. Our unique approach is designed to put you first. We will be glad to discuss our approach when you get on a chat with us.