4 ways to improve your Saas Landing Page Experience

Saas landing page guideline

Quick Summary: A saas landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result, marketing promotion, marketing email or an online advertisement.

The term “landing page” has been used differently in different niches even though a lot of times it always serves a similar purpose. The purpose of increase the likelihood of you hitting your conversion goal.

In this article, I will show you how to create a customer-centric landing page experience that answers questions, reinforce motivation, and addresses barriers.

After reading this article, you will be more than able to hit your landing page goal.

Let’s go:

What is a saas landing page?

A SaaS landing page is a sales page aimed at cold-selling your product or service to your website visitors

The whole idea of having a landing page isn’t far fetched. Your site visitors need a page that corresponds to the various traffic source you’re bringing them from.

Let’s see some characteristics of the good landing page

Characteristics of a good saas landing page:

1. It shortens the journey from click to conversion

2. Follows up on the promise you made on the ad source (email campaign, Facebook ads etc)

3. Manages objections & addresses barriers.

4. Answers important questions & creates clarity

5. Creates a clear path to the conversion goal.

Understand no two saas landing website journeys will be the same. The customer journey of a landing page focused on getting app downloads will be very different from one that is asking site visitors to make a purchase of $5000.

Top 5 Ways to Make Your saas Landing Page Experience More customer-centric

1.    Designing for customer experience.

It takes a proper analysis of the entire landing page journey to make it convert. Your website landing page alone doesn’t guarantee a high conversion rate or big return on investment.

You have to structure the entire user journey in such a way that the messaging from the point of visitors entering your funnel to the point where they make a conversion is in sync.

Let’s look at something very important that influences landing page conversion in a very big way.

2.    Design for influence:

I want you to imagine your landing page as a huge layer of onion. Each layer should focus on influencing the user in a very specific way by either motivating them, defining your value or addressing anxiety.

See what each layer of your copy should address.

  • Layer1: your copy design and user experience
  • Layer 2: Device browser, operating system and responsive design
  • Layer 3: Context, user journey, funnel steps, ads
  • Layer 4: users’ age, location, gender, expectation and questions
  • Layer 5: user psychology, motivation, barriers, anxiety.

Do well to address each of the layers in your b2b saas landing page user journey.

As you can see above, designing a landing page isn’t all about crafting some design on WordPress and thinking some visitors will purchase from you or use your service.

If you are new to landing page optimization, it will do you well to read our beginner’s guide to conversion rate optimization before moving ahead with the other parts of this article.

Moving forward let’s see what you have to do next.

3. Design for thinking patterns

The human brain can be very lazy sometimes and very logical a lot of times.

A good place to learn about thinking patterns is the applied neuromarketing course by cxl institute.

Like I said before, humans think in two distinct ways. Please note, that this isn’t a deep dive on human thinking patterns.

1. Analytical thinking (slow)

2. Intuitive thinking (fast)

I can remember the first time I had an electric shock. I was pressing my clothes not knowing the wire has a leakage. I had the shock of my life that day. But you know what, I was superfast removing my hands from the wire even without knowing where the electricity was coming from.

The intuitive brain was responsible for that process.

This brain acts before asking questions. Because it just wants to get one thing done and move to the other.

Meanwhile, the analytical brain is the one that will have you ponder before making a decision. Especially one that has to do with heavy choices, complex maths and purchase anxiety. 

Check out their characteristics.

Intuitive thinking(fast) characteristics

  • Automatic
  • Emotional
  • Sub-conscious
  • In the moment

Analytical thinking (slow) characteristics

  • Effortful
  • Logical
  • Conscious
  • Plans ahead.

How does knowing all this affect my saas marketing process you may ask.

Let me show you

As you design your landing page, you want to ensure you are serving almost every call to action on your page towards the intuitive thinking brain. Because this is where you will get the best result.

If your product is highly-priced, do well to appeal to the analytical thinking part. You provide lots of information that will motivate the user to purchase the product.

4.    Design for Awareness level

How you communicate using your saas landing page depends on your site visitor’s awareness level.

Learn how to tailor your landing page to your audience’s awareness level.

For example, the CXL dot com landing page focuses on marketers that is solution aware but aren’t familiar with taking CXL institute premium courses.

Let’s look at some level of awareness.

Problem Aware: Aware they have a problem but don’t know there is a solution

solution aware: Aware there is a solution, but aren’t familiar with yours

Product aware: Aware of product/offer but don’t know if it’s right for them

Brand aware: Aware of your product/brand & they know they want it

The more aware your audience are, the less information they require.


For a problem aware audience, give more focus to pain points, purchase prompts and gains. For a brand-aware audience, focus on incentives and promotions.

Most start-ups I work for belong to the solution aware stage. I always start with research so as to build a very concrete basis for other processes.

Saas messaging is different from the regular product page messaging considering the fact that most SaaS products are non-tangible.

Please note:

Irrespective of the level where your audience is, your saas landing page messaging must do the following:

1. Answer questions

2. Reinforce motivation

3. Address barriers

There you have it. 4 Ways to Make Your saas Landing Page Experience More customer-centric. Your entire design has to have the customer at the centre all the time.

Are you looking forward to designing a saas landing page for your company? I will be glad to offer you some free advice if you book a call today by clicking on this calendar link.

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